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Innovations for
Health and Care.

From the Team that brought you the first IoT of Healthcare Solutions.

Life365® is developing consumer-based solutions to make the home an extension of the doctor’s office and hospital.

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Smart TV / OTT Set Top Solutions

Health, Wellness & Engagement – using OTT Set Top Boxes & Smart TVs with connected devices, health & wellness content and personalization
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Voice Assisted Technology

Enable the use of Virtual Assistants in a variety of solutions to promote health management and increase user engagement.
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IoMT: Internet of Medical Things

Economically connecting light solutions such as clinical-grade wearables, smart watches, glasses, chest straps and patches with ECG, heart rate, temperature, and respiratory rate sensors.
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Life365 Personalyze™ Engagement Engine

A Machine Learning / AI system that utilizes insights gathered from a variety of data points to drive ongoing solution alignment / better user engagement – and increases member retention.

Ready for consumer-based health’s increasing Digital Reach.

Life365’s Development Team is preparing to enable the next waves of Digital Health solutions. Payers and providers will go from having a single or few disparate data points per member and patient – to hundreds…… or more.

Imagine if they were connected to ONE platform.


A Virtual Care Platform

Health and care technology is ever-changing. One Solution doesn’t fit all – and what works for an individual or population today, may not work in the tomorrow.  

The Life365 Platform is designed to scale as remote care evolves to virtual care. From the latest connected health devices and apps to the next generation of wearable, voice assisted and IoMT technologies in development – our mission is to enable healthcare’s deepening reach into the home and beyond...

Today and tomorrow.

Learn About Our Virtual Care Platform
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Smart TV / OTT Solutions

As of 2019, there are more than 182 million OTT subscription video service users in the US. (eMarketer) The US has over 820 million connected video devices (VBA). 71% of internet users also use OTT Services. (VBA). 47% of US Wi-Fi households own a streaming box / stick (Marketing Charts). On Average, 49% of internet users use an online video subscription or a network TV app at least once a week (VBA).

As increasing numbers of Smart TVs and OTT set top boxes coming into homes, with accompanying Wi-Fi, broadband, etc. – these smart screens are ideal to become health and wellness hubs in the home. Life365 will continue to integrate a variety of these solutions into its platform.


Voice Assisted Virtual Assistants

The Life365 Platform is driving to incorporate the many voice assisted technologies that are becoming ubiquitous in consumers’ homes.

These intelligent cloud connected devices are ideal to improve user engagement in health and care – not just through ease of use, but in creating a more personalized experience for individual users and families. Enabled by intelligence our integrated platform can utilize aggregated health, behavioral, and consumer data to craft a better – and dynamic user / patient experience based on their own data and patterns.


Internet of Medical Things

The team at Life365 is one of the first teams in the world to create a IoT for Healthcare helping to drive better economics in deploying connected remote care solutions for patients.

As wearable technology becomes ever smaller and lighter, solutions will even become disappearble. As we’ve developed our platform, we’ve built toward enabling and supporting the next generations of IoMT solutions, including wearable technology designed for remote care and user engagement. In the process Life365 has secured a number of patents connecting these lighter types of medical devices to the cloud and clinical backend systems. We envision the next IoMT devices to be not only remotely managed – but “Self Pairing and Self Healing”… connected directly to the cloud via Cellular or Narrowband IoT.


Life365 Personalyze

The Life365 Platform is designed to be driven by our Personalyze solution – incorporating Machine Learning / AI to personalize connected health solutions for individual patients or populations. The objective is to better drive engagement and ultimately enable the extraction of more targeted user data that can be applied to Predictive Analytic / AI systems to enhance the health and care experiences of consumers.

Data Insights gained through the system are used for enterprise healthcare systems to align the right solutions with the right health consumers to achieve optimal adherence, with better outcome with a better ROI for care providers and payers.